Pick fresh fruits

Fresh fruit on the grounds daily, picked right from the tree, is a perfect activity for any guest.

Relax and enjoy inside our gated property.

Suspension Bridges

There are a few options for visiting Hanging Bridges in the area of La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, and Arenal Lake.

You can watch a crossing site for migratory species and with a great variety of native species.

The trails are designed with modern technology, making possible for everybody to enjoy them. They are also very secure, comfortable and do not alter the environment.

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Hiking Tours

Get an up-close look at Costa Rica's hidden natural wonders. Follow an expert local guide through breathtaking scenery, rugged trails, and truly beautiful attractions. This is the perfect way to explore outside the city and see what makes Costa Rica a top attraction for nature lovers.

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Jungle Zip Lining

Ever wondered what it is a monkey finds so fascinating about the forest canopy? Costa Rica is a pioneer in canopy exploration, where thick branches serve as platforms for the adventurous traveler, more than 100 feet above the jungle floor. If you’re wondering why you’d want to head to the top of a tree just to look around, remember that 90% of Costa Rica animals and 50% of plant species in rainforests live in the upper levels of the trees.

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Horseback Riding

Soak up the beauty and biodiversity of Arenal by horseback on a ride through the this zone. The slow and natural pace of a horse allows you to appreciate the surrounding flora and look for native wildlife on this relaxed and memorable tour.

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White Water Rafting

Between the year-round warm water and the natural beauty the country has to offer, a trip to Costa Rica presents the opportunity for world-class rafting in a tropical paradise. Costa Rica has 14 major river systems that begin in the volcanic mountain ranges and flow out towards the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the San Juan River, or Lake Nicaragua — with plenty of waterfalls along the way. These rivers produce world-famous white-water rapids, as well as beautiful scenery along the banks.

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Nature Tours and Sloth Tours

The sloth tour is especially to spot those lovable, gentle weird creatures, but Arenal Volcano Park has a lot more animals to offer, you will encounter a variety of monkeys, leaf cutter ants and poisonous frogs.

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Thermal Springs

Costa Rica’s hot springs are a wonderful introduction to the relaxation and rejuvenation found in this tropical splendour. The mineral-laden waters of the hot springs in Costa Rica have been used for therapeutic reasons for over 200 years, treating a variety of aches and pains. Whether or not you visit for the mystical healing, a hot springs visit is a joy!

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